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Video – Russian nuclear plane flying over rebel-held Syria

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Footage has emerged of a huge Russian nuclear warplane flying over rebel-held territory in Syria, only a short distance from the Turkish border.

There are concerns that relations between Turkey and Russia could deteriorate even more, from an already low point.

The warplane was filmed over Idlib, and the Tupolev bomber was spotted in the airspace over the rebel-held area, which has suffered constant airstrikes. 

Russia has been accused of bombing the area, despite being controlled by western backed moderates. Bashar al-Zoubi, who commands one of the largest mainstream rebel groups fighting in southern Syria under the banner of the Free Syrian Army, warned that the strikes would prolong the war.

In Britain the RAF has repeatedly been forced to scramble jets to intercept Tupolev bombers flying near UK airspace.

Watch video here

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2 Responses

  1. Drew Palmer

    There hasn’t been a nuclear bomber since the project was abandoned in the 60’s. The only one ever built had a large bulge in the center of the plane that interfered with the aerodynamics of the aircraft. These are just regular bombers.

  2. CW4 (ret) Harold North

    So what? The U.S. flies B-52 and B-1 “nuclear” bombers over Afghanistan all the time–it doesn’t mean they are going to nuke it. These planes are designed to be dual-use, both for conventional and nuclear operations.

    Referring to a plane as “nuclear” is misleading, leading one to believe that the plane has some kind of nuclear propulsion system, like true nuclear-powered sea vessels. There is no such thing as a “nuclear” plane. The Russian Tu-95 Bear is a common turboprop-powered aircraft.

    This is just another example of sensationalist journalism, trying to frighten unwitting readers of non-existent threats. Or, the editor is unwitting about aircraft. Just another reason to avoid “mainstream” journalism.

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