VIDEO – Man fails to burn EU flag due to EU fire regulations

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

A man who hates the EU attempts to burn the EU flag, but due to safety regulation from Brussels it won’t burn. Is it ironic, or has the EU stopped potential arsonists due to nanny state “elf n safety”? You can make your own mind up.

The man in the video, who is allegedly from the Bolton North West Infidels (a right-wing group) tried to burn the EU flag. He tells the camera he isn’t happy with “forced mass immigration”, which he claims is going to cause a “genocide on the British people”

The only snag is that due to EU regulations, the flag is not flammable.

According to, the clip was uploaded to the Infidels Facebook page, “but was soon taken down owing to the amount of pointing and laughing that followed”.

Watch the video here 

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