Video – John Major calls Brexit “squalid” and “deceitful

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Ex-PM John Major, wasn’t known for his strong personality when leading the country, but he was very animated when he discussed the Brexit Campaign on Andrew Marr’s BBC show.

Major, who was born in Brixton and whose father was in the circus, called Boris Johnson a “court jester.” He also told Marr “All my life people have regarded me as being guilty of understatement. I am angry at how the British people are being misled.”

He said the Leave campaign was guilty of “squalid deceit.” Major then continued his rant at Boris Johnson when he said he was ” feeding out to the British people a whole galaxy of inaccurate and frankly untrue information”.

Cricket loving Major was outraged about Mr Johnson’s claim he’d spend millions more on the NHS, Major fumed: “Michael Gove wanted to privatise it, Boris wanted to charge people for using it and Iain Duncan Smith wanted a social insurance system.

“The NHS is about as safe with them as a pet hamster would be with a hungry python.”

Watch Video Here


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