VIDEO: Greek coastguard appears to sink refugee boat

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Footage has come to light which appears to show Greek coast guards attempting to sink a migrant boat. It is assumed they did this to ensure the Turkish authorities were forced to pick them up, meaning they wouldn’t be able to enter Europe.

Instead the passengers would be taken to the port of Didim in Turkey, the place where numerous refugees make their dangerous voyages towards Europe.

The clip was allegedly taken on November 12th. The footage shows a uniformed man trying to jab a pole in the raft, holding desperate migrants, puncturing it.

There were 58 Syrian people on the raft, with screams audible as it begins to sink and the Greek vessel then sails away. Watch Video below.


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  1. paul yarrow

    The man with the pole should be arrested for attempted murder. Scandalous filmed footage shows the criminality and disrespect of human life.
    Why isn’t British media reporting news like this.

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