Video – Former Tory minister stopped by police after ‘running over foot’ of tourist

This is the moment former cabinet minister Lord Tebbit was spoken to by police – after apparently running over a tourist’s foot in his car outside Parliament.

Video footage of the aftermath shows a furious elderly Dutch tourist lashing out at Margaret Thatcher’s former trade secretary yesterday (Mon).

Tebbit, 87, was briefly spoken to by an officer before being allowed on his way whilst the angry pedestrian argued with the officer.

The entire episode was caught on camera by David Clews, 36, who was filming a live video on the Brexit protests for his Facebook page.

In the clip he immediately recognised the driver of the black Chrysler Grand Voyager as the former Chingford MP Norman Tebbit.

Mr Clews continued to film as he approached the car park entrance near the Houses of Parliament just after midday.

From a distance, the video shows the car stopping, reversing, and then the elderly man getting up from the floor ahead of the vehicle.

Tebbit served under Margaret Thatcher as both Secretary of Employment and Secretary for Trade and Industry in the early 80’s.

Speaking on the video, the cameraman said: “Someone’s just been run over. Someone’s just been run over.

“The guy just ran over someone.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Norman Tebbit. No it’s not Norman Tebbit is it?

“Is that? It’s Norman Tebbit. Are you Norman Tebbit?

“You just ran over someone.”

When he is asked if he is Norman Tebbit, the pensioner appeared to say: “Pardon?”

He then looked away from the camera and did not confirm his identity and drove forward.

He is then stopped by the victim who comes to the open driver’s side window.

Dressed in a cream coloured coat and with a camera hanging around his neck, he told the former MP: “No you listen to me you listen to me, I looked.

“No, no, no, no, no.”

He also appeared to slap Tebbit’s hand which was hanging out of the window during the encounter.

A woman then joins the grey-haired gentleman and spoke to Tebbit before the uniformed officer rejoined the group.

The tourist gestured at his foot and at the car tyres as the officer asks him if he is ok.

He then said “this guy” and pointed at Tebbit and the road while gesticulating angrily.

Tebbit did not get out of the car during the incident and instead watched on from the driver’s seat while the police officer dealt with the tourist.

Just before he walked away from the car, the officer tapped the inside of the driver’s window and nodded at Tebbit, who then put the car into gear and drove forward.

The police officer did not ask Tebbit to get out of the car during the clip and walked away while the victim sat on a wall to take off his shoes and socks, onlookers said.

Speaking after the incident, Mr Clews said: “It was absolutely crazy – the things you see in Parliament Square.

“I turned around and Norman Tebbit was in this car and even though he had gone over the man’s foot he just kept going.

“The guy was shouting at him and at one point he slapped his hand.

“Usually at that car park, people pump their horn to let pedestrians know they are trying to turn in but Tebbit didn’t do that.

“The guy’s foot looked sore. I chatted to him afterwards and he told me he was Dutch and visiting London.”

Tebbit was made chairman of the Conservative Party in 1985 but retired from cabinet in 1987.

The life peer then retired from Parliament in 1992 and has since sat in the House of Lords as Baron Tebbit of Chingford.

Mr Clews, a pro-Brexiteer had been broadcasting the protests in the area for his page Unity News Network.

A spokesperson for the Met Police said they did not have any record of the incident taking place yesterday (Mon).

The spokesperson said: “No complaint has been made to police. There’s not much we can do about it.”

by Adela Whittingham

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