VIDEO – Environmental Disaster in Brazil Could be Worst Ever

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

In November 2015, a dam at an iron ore mine burst into the Doce river in Brazil. Toxic mud poisoned with arsenic and mercury flooded the river and land over two states. The Institute for Water Management in Minas Gerais (IGAM) found arsenic levels more than ten times above the legal limit at one section of the mighty river.

At least 13 people died when the dam broke and hundreds were displaced. The toxic mud traveled 310 miles down the river and poured into the Atlantic ocean killing most of the river’s wildlife in it’s path and destroying the local economy.

It’s the worst environmental disaster in Brazil’s history and the world needs to know. Tragically it will have unprecedented consequences for future generations.

Watch the Video (below)

– Credit: Mic –

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