VIDEO – Does Zac win political cringe of the year award here?

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Political cringe of the year could be handed to Zac Goldmsith, hoping to be London Mayor. Last week he tried and failed to hold a pint properly but this clip is from the Asian awards 2016 on April 8th.

He was asked for his views on the Bollywood film industry. He went onto gushingly praise the awards.

Zac said: “It’s a huge festival and it celebrated huge talent. This room is going to be bursting with dynamism and brilliance and excitement. I’m here just as a guest and I’m looking forward to absorbing some of the energy.

“I’m a Bollywood fan so anything Bollywood, I lap it up.”

The interviewer went on to ask: “You say you’re a Bollywood fan. Do you have a favourite actor, or a favourite Bollywood film?”

And this is when it starts to go into full cringe mode, I watched through my fingers.

Goldsmith clearly stumped says:

“I wouldn’t be able to…  Let me think… No. I’m not going to give you one. I can’t think of a favourite.”

The interviewer then asks: “You can’t think of a single Bollywood film or actor?”

Goldsmith sheepishly replies: “I can think of… I can’t think of a favourite, though I love the whole… I love almost everything about Bollywood.

“I love the atmosphere, I love the colour, I love the excitement. I want as much colour as possible here in London.”

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Watch the clip here

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