VIDEO – Corbyn attacks IDS ‘where’s his conscience been hiding for 6 years?

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Jeremy Corbyn isn’t impressed with Iain Duncan Smith’s moral awakening over welfare cuts. The Labour leader said: “Where’s his conscience been hiding for 6 years?”.

Mr Duncan Smith resigned saying the cuts: “are not defensible within a Budget that benefits higher-earning taxpayers”.

But rivals have suggested the decision had more to do with inflicting damage on the leadership, as the Conservative Party tears itself apart again over the EU. MP Debbie Abrahams claimed Mr Duncan Smith has an “alternative motive”.

Corbyn said: “He’s suddenly found a conscience now. I wonder where the conscience has been hiding for the last six years? This is a man who’s presided over some pretty appalling policies.

“I really think the problem is the Chancellor George Osborne, who balances a budget on the basis of cutting PIPs then I listened to the budget on Wednesday and it was very clear to me that was what he intended to do.

“We’re going to bring this up in Parliament. We’re going to hold the government to account on this.

“We’re going to be back on his case in Parliament next week.”

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