VIDEO – Bob Geldof Vs Nigel Farage in battle of the Thames

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Yes this isn’t a “satire” article, this is happening right now on then Thames, the Brexit campaign sent a flotilla down the Thames and in retaliation Bob Geldof hired a huge barge and a small fleet of little “remain” boats to slip in and out of the Brexit boats.

The motley crews floated past Parliament as PMQs kicked off in the Commons.

Bob Geldof pulled up alongside HMS Farage and shouts, “FARAGE, YOU’RE A FRAUD! YOU’RE NO FISHERMAN’S FRIEND!” and blasted out the song “In With the In Crowd” from a large on-board sound system,

Farage sounded his horn to drown out the sounds of the Boomtown Rats frontman and there are claims Geldof’s boat was sprayed with water, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Literally we were watching floating voters do battle, very strange day in politics.

Watch Video Here

Here is Bob on his boat 

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