VIDEO – BBC banned from filming disability protest in Parliament

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

BBC’s Norman Smith was told live on air that he had to stop filming during a protest by disability groups today. Smith, assistant politics editor, was talking live from the central lobby as the crowd chanted in the background.

Then a robed member of Parliamentary staff ordered him to stop filming while the protest took place. Disability campaigners were staging a noisy protest after the PM refused to apologise for trying to slash benefits to disabled people.

Police blocked the entrance to the Commons chamber as around twenty protesters held up banners and chanted ‘no more death from benefit cuts’.

“Shocking that authorities have banned broadcast of vulnerable people protesting against welfare cuts outside,” wrote SNP MP Dr Paul Monaghan on Twitter.

Watch Video Here

2 Responses

  1. Paul Wesson

    Protests should take place outside the Palace of Westminster. The representatives of 44 million electors (?) should not have their work disrupted by 30 demonstrators. The Lobby is a place of work and I expect those who represent me to be able to work.

    1. Niall Gòrdan

      Is this all you can say? Could it not be the case that there are some disabled people among these “44 million” electors? If the “representatives” aren’t listening in “The Lobby” then they do not deserve a place of work because they are not working! Some of us are disabled – but some, like you, are sick. Shame on you.

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