Victim dies three days after being stabbed in London’s West End

A third murder probe was launched in London in the space of a few hours after a 37-year-old man died three days after being stabbed in the West End.

The victim was knifed in Soho in the early hours of Sunday morning.

He was rushed to hospital but never recovered. He was pronounced dead last night.

It was one of three murder inquiries launched in the capital in the space of a few hours.

Spanish man David Martinez, 26, was fatally stabbed in Leyron, east London, on Wednesday afternoon.

And the body of French woman Laureline Garcia-Bertaux, 34, was discovered in a shallow grave near her home in west London late on Wednesdya night.

A total of 23 murder probes have now been launched in London this year, including 12 in the last 17 days.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “A man has died after he was found with serious stab injuries in Soho over the weekend.

“Police were called to Romilly Street just after 6am on Sunday.

“officers attended along with paramedics and found the 37-year-old man suffering stab injuries.

“He was taken to hospital with critical injuries and he was pronounced dead at 7.42pm on Wednesday. His next of kin are aware. Formal identification awaits.

“A post mortem examination is due to be held in due course.

“A murder investigation has now commenced which is being led by Detective Chief Inspector Katherine Goodwin.”

He said that a 34-year-old man appeared in court earlier this week charged with two counts of attempted murder in relation to the incident, along with another stabbing of a teenager on the same day in University Street, Bloomsbury, central London.

He added: “The charge for attempted murder will be subject to a review by the CPS.

“A 41-year-old woman who was arrested remains released under investigation.”


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