Union triumphs in battle with bosses at Hinkley C over withheld payments after strike action

Yesterday over 500 Hinkley C nuclear factory workers refused to work after they were told that they would not be paid wages or substance during the “Beast from the East,” even though they workers were available for work.

One member of staff the London Economic spoke to said he was down over one thousand pounds due to the refusal to work

This led to over 500 workers staging a sit-in in the canteen until they get paid. It seems that this action alongside the help of the Unite union, has seen a preferential outcome for the site workers.

Peter Hughes, Unite South West Regional Secretary said: “Unite has successfully negotiated to ensure that workers employed at Hinkley Point C will be paid for the days the site was closed due to the adverse weather experienced last week and over the weekend. Following the agreement that Unite have brokered, all the issues at the workplace have been resolved to the satisfaction of the union’s membership.”

Unite regional officer Rob Miguel and chair for the Joint Unions at HPC said: “These were difficult talks undertaken in a tense environment. Unite welcomes the constructive approach to industrial relations adopted by the client, EDF during negotiations to reach a resolution to the issues at the workplace.”

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