By Nathan Lee, TLE Correspondent 

A new report on university education has found studying profession-linked degrees is more important than ever.

The study revealed that almost three-quarters (73 per cent) of professionals believe it is now more important than ever to choose a vocational degree linked to a profession, such as law or medicine, particularly now the price of going to university is so high.

Over 2,000 graduates and high-net-worth professionals were polled in a study commissioned by Investec Private Banking to reveal divided opinions as to whether a university degree is seen as a worthwhile investment. The results showed more than a third of students (34 per cent) viewed the £9,000-a-year fees as over-priced, while less than half (45 per cent) of those currently in work feel that their University degree wasn’t worthwhile versus the cost.

Wayne Preston, Head of Banking at Investec, comments: “Higher education comes at an increasingly high price so it’s encouraging to see graduates and business professionals continue to recognise the value it brings to their careers.

“As the report shows, students are increasingly willing to invest in their future by taking on a certain level of debt which will provide them with the greatest opportunity for success in their chosen specialism. At Investec we see significant potential in professionals and focus on developing relationships early in their career so they can build strong financial foundations for the future.”

The results come following UCAS reforms that have widened the choice for prospective students looking to pursue their studies oversees. However, students are currently unable to receive loans or grants for tuition fees or maintenance costs if they intend to study abroad – a factor that may limit the number of students prepared to make the commitment.

The report finds similar attitudes when polling current professionals. Findings show that two thirds of professionals admit they would consider moving overseas for work, with one-in-three London-based professionals wishing to escape from the capital. It emerges that over a third (38 per cent) have previously lived in a different part of the country for work reasons.

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