UN tells France its burkini ban was a ‘stupid reaction’ to Islamic extremism

The UN was not impressed with France’s attempt to ban the burkini in around thirty coastal towns in France.

The French high court overturned the ban and said it was clearly illegal, however presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy said he would enshrine the ban into national law, if he wins the contest, next year.

It has been reported that some of the towns are ignoring the high court ruling and are continuing to fine women wearing a burkini and making them take it off or face being forced to leave the beach area.

The UN’s human rights office said the ban on wearing the swimwear were “a grave and illegal breach of fundamental freedoms.” The ban was also a “stupid reaction” to terrorist attacks that have blighted France recently, and have seen huge number of people killed in incidents inspired by IS.

Rupert Colville, an OHCHR spokesperson, demanded that the towns that imposed the strict ban lift it immediately. Colville said the ban actually “fuel religious intolerance and the stigmatization of Muslims,” additionally they “have only succeeded in increasing tensions.”

The UN human rights office does not believe that people who wear burkinis or any other religious clothing on a beach are to be blamed for the rise in the numbers of horrific attacks in France and beyond.

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