UKIP Councillor Threatens To Kill Remainers

UKIP Councillor Terence Nathan has threatened to kill Remainers looking to overturn Brexit’s victory in the June referendum.

The Bromley Councillor responded to the possibility of legal action being taken before Article 50 is invoked by saying those who want to block the Brexit process should be killed.

He wrote: “Time to start killing these people till Article 50 is invoked, perhaps remainers will get the message then.”

After another Facebook user voiced concern about his use of threats, he added: “Not threatening anyone, no need for threats just a bullet.”

Police and council officials are now looking into the comments, although the UKIPer has already backtracked, defending his remarks as a “ridiculous over-statement” and insisting he would “never seriously have advocated such violence”.

He said: “My comment was meant to be taken with a pinch of salt, I thought it was so extreme as to be obviously daft.

“I did not think anyone would take it seriously but some obviously have and I greatly regret this.

“It was honestly intended as ridiculous over-statement.

“Anyone would tell you that I hold dear both respect and democracy, I would never seriously have advocated such violence.”

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