UK pharmaceutical jobs at threat due to crossfire of “ideology & incompetence” over Brexit

After giant AstraZeneca said it will keep its freeze on investments in Britain if Brexit fails to give enough clarity on future trading relations, the Government has been accused of  ‘ideology and incompetence’ putting the industry at risk.

AstraZeneca Chairman Leif Johansson reportedly told France’s Le Monde newspaper the company would keep its freeze on manufacturing investments without clarity on future trading relations.

GMB, the union for workers at AstraZeneca has warned the Government’s mishandling of Brexit talks is putting pharmaceutical jobs at risk.

Thousands of workers were being caught in another Government crossfire has of ideology and incompetence, the union said.

Eamon O’Hearn, GMB National Officer said:“For months we have warned about the threat to the UK pharmaceutical industry, and the thousands of workers it employs, because of the Government’s mishandling of Brexit talks.

“GMB is not surprised that AstraZeneca has suspended investment in the UK, given it has been warning of this possibility, due to an uncertain business environment.

“What is disgraceful is that the Government’s ineptitude and ideological crusade will potentially impact on thousands of UK workers, many of whom live outside the Westminster and London bubble that Ministers call home.

“We’re calling on the Government to give AZ and other pharmaceutical companies some certainty over their future and the future of thousands of workers who are being caught in another Government crossfire of ideology and incompetence.”

AstraZenca has already spent 40 million pounds stockpiling medicines in Britain and continental Europe in case of a no deal Brexit, so they can deal with the expected disruption it would bring.

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