UK would be like “Cuba without the sunshine” under Corbyn – says fat cat banker

A Goldman Sachs banker has likened the UK under Jeremy Corbyn to “Cuba without the sunshine” in a nervy attack on the Labour leader at the Super Investor private-equity conference in Amsterdam.

Fat cat Bobby Vedral warned the apparent chaos in Theresa May’s government has raised the risk of Mr Corbyn, who has been vocal about taxing the rich, taking over as Prime Minister.

According to reports in the Financial Times Vedral, who also tipped Marine Le Pen to win the French election, said it would be a “disaster” if the Labour leader led his party to victory.

It has been suggested that the comments signal nervousness from some businesses that disarray in Mrs May’s government could lead to its collapse and an eventual Labour win.

Corbyn has been vocal about getting top earners in businesses such as GS to pay their fair share, saying he would impose a ‘fat cat tax’ on big businesses awarding sky-high salaries to their employees.

In the 2017 manifesto, the party pledged to slap a levy of 2.5 per cent on earnings above £330,000 and of five per cent on pay above £500,000, with the cash raised used to rescue public services.

In Mr Vedral’s opinion that would cause issues.

He said: “There is a clear risk in my opinion in the next six months of Corbyn”, adding: “Now that is a problem.”


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  1. Malak

    What they are scared of is no more rich tax haven, they have to pay their dues like everyone else. Also amusing the USA are the ones who made Cuba as they are today, love the hypocrisy.

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