UK concedes on “regulatory divergence” – Uniting Ireland and putting hard border on mainland

The UK will concede that there will be no “regulatory divergence” on the island of Ireland, according to a draft text seen by RTE News.

Late last week Ireland’s deputy prime minister and foreign minister said he had been in talks with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist party on the subject, saying a Brexit deal on the Irish border question is “doable”.

The government repeated its demand for an assurance from the UK that there would not be any regulatory divergence between Northern Ireland and the Republic after Brexit.

And now, according to sources, their wishes have been met.

Tony Connelly, Europe Editor for Ireland’s public broadcaster RTE, announced on Twitter that the UK “will concede that there will be no “regulatory divergence” on the island of Ireland on the single market and customs union”.

If true, that will mean a reunited Ireland and a hard border down the Irish sea at “mainland” sea and airports.

The move is likely to renew Scotland’s plea for independence, as the country voted to remain in the European Union.


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  1. Martin Burschka

    This outmaneuvers the DUP and the EU into the role of Tory-unifying common enemy. Bravo! Brexiteer will object lest endangering Brexit at all (Hunt) or and no business either to avoid general elections that might put JC in No 10.
    The best is, PM TM has been seen to exhaust all alternatives to her policy except Hard Brexit which is dead in the water by now anyway. Maybot as a victim of the EU.

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