Two-thirds of females have suffered workplace sexual harassment

It seems like a headline from the dark days of the workplace of the 1950s, but unfortunately sexual harassment in the workplace is still prominent in offices and factories across the UK.

New research has indicated that over half of women at work have been sexually pestered at some stage in their careers. Look around your office and there is a high chance that a lot of women at your work have sadly been affected by sexual abuse.

For younger women it is even worse, which shows that it is still happening right now. Two-thirds of women aged 18-24 have suffered from sexual harassment at work.

Abuse can vary from case to case, it could take the form of groping, sexual innuendo, and even demands or requests for sex or sexual favours.

One in twelve have had men (in most cases it is carried out by men) attempt to kiss them, and a quarter have either had sexual comments about their bodies and endured touching of a sexual nature.

The study by the TUC with the Everyday Sexism Project, the biggest for a generation, found that in 88% of cases the culprit was male usually someone in a superior role, making it intimidating to report.

This abuse of power means that eight per cent of victims don’t report it, with most believing it will damage their career prospects, or they will not be taken seriously.

It seems that the abuse of women in the workplace is still something that must be challenged. However, with more women than ever working in professional jobs, rather than being stay at home mums, the worry is that this problem could get worse rather than improve.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Sexual harassment is undermining, humiliating and has no place in a modern workplace.”

Victims told the TUC study numerous sickening stories of everyday abuse while trying to do a day’s work.

One shockingly said: “On my last day a colleague told me his biggest regret was that he didn’t get the chance to rape me.”

Another stated: “A male manager said I would do well because I have big boobs.”

A 19-year-old said: “On a night out a considerably older colleague touched my boob while the rest laughed.

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