Two Bermudan nationals have appeared in court charged with terror offences

Two Bermudan nationals have appeared in court charged with terror offences.

The duo, who appeared in custody at Westminster Magistrates’ Court wearing grey prison issue tracksuits flanked by six officers, were arrested in Bury, Greater Manchester, after knives, axes and knuckledusters were found.

Hisham Waheed Muhammad, 24, was charged with preparing for acts of terrorism while housemate Faisal Ibn al Hajj Muhammad Abu Ahmad, 23, was charged with failing to alert authorities.

Elisa Hopley, prosecuting, said: “The arrests on the June 4th were after a landlord of an address at which both defendants were residing viewed suspicious items at the property including weapons.

“He attended the property on June 4th having seen them on June 1st.

“When he returned on June 4th he saw items still present and he drove to Bury Police station and reported matters to police.”

Police went to an address in Victoria Avenue in the town on June 4 and arrested the two men, the court heard. A full search was later carried out.

Muhammad is charged with engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism.

Abu Ahmad is charged with having information which he knew or believed might be of material assistance in preventing the commission by another person of an act of terrorism and failing to notify authorities.

Deputy Chief Magistrates Tan Ikram said: “I will send this case to the Central Criminal Court.”

The men, both of Victoria Avenue in Whitefield, Bury, were remanded to next appear at the Old Bailey on June 29th.

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    The word for a citizen of Bermuda is BERMUDIAN (not “Bermudan” as this article states!).
    BERMUDIAN is also the adjective deriving from BERMUDA.
    Please inform all your journalists. Thank you.

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