Twitter Analysis of Sadiq Khan’s First Week As London Mayor

It’s been a week since election day which saw Sadiq Khan elected Mayor of London.

He has since been congratulated, attacked, had Katie Hopkins threaten to run down the street naked and survived his first feud with Donald Trump.

These might not be the most pressing of issues, but they are certainly topics that rose to the fore in a Twitter analysis of Khan’s first week as Mayor from social intelligence company Brandwatch.

59k tweets about the new Mayor were tracked over the last week from London alone, with 23k of those occurring on election day.

CHART 1 Sadiq Khan first week menitons
Khan didn’t have the smoothest ride on Twitter throughout his campaign, but he certainly did better than rival Zac Goldsmith. His first week has seen a fair share of negative opinion posted about him on the social network, but the topics and phrases being mentioned most have been overwhelmingly positive.
CHART 2 Sadiq Khans 1st week Twitter topics
The top shared link, meanwhile was a congratulatory selfie from Jeremy Corbyn.

Londoners have wasted no time in pushing the issues that they want prioritised into the Twitter sphere. Brandwatch measured the biggest issues Londoners were talking about, with transport making the largest splash as Khan’s one hour “hopper” ticket proved a hot topic online.
CHART 3 Sadiq Khans 1st week issues for Londoners
 Housing came second, while security and policing came third. Tweeters were also fairly vocal about the controversial Garden Bridge, with many calling on Khan to stop the project.
It wasn’t just local issues that got Londoners tweeting, and Trump’s comments on London’s new Mayor definitely didn’t go unnoticed. The word “exception”, after Khan refused Trump’s offer, had over 500 mentions within the Trump/Khan conversation.
Khan’s pledge to help Hillary Clinton defeat Trump also got a lot of attention, with Clinton being mentioned 1,349 times next to the London Mayor.
CHART 4 Sadiq Khan first week people mentions
Jemima Goldsmith’s tweet congratulating Sadiq Khan got over 6k retweets, with over 1,000 of those coming directly from London based tweeters.

Katie Hopkins also got into the top 10 people being mentioned alongside Khan this week after her claims that she would be running down the street naked because he’d been elected. She has since been warned she could be jailed.

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