This tweet sums up Rees-Mogg’s religious hypocrisy perfectly

Jacob Rees-Mogg has come under fire after speaking out about his Christian faith and its teaching on abortion and same-sex relationships, but views could be as hypocritical as they are outdated.

Despite some commentators coming out in support of the Conservative MP for sticking by his beliefs, others have been quick to point out how sanctimonious they really are.

One such comment which has started to go viral on Twitter questions whether he really is a staunch believer given that his voting record tells a very different tale.

Where is his opposition to welfare cuts on the grounds that Jesus went out of his way to demonstrate his compassion for the poor and the lame?

And how does Rees-Mogg’s support of military intervention fit when Jesus says “blessed are the peacemakers”?

Read the full “burn” in all its glory below, but also take into consideration a few of our own additions.

Such as, how does voting against installing smoke detectors in rented accommodation stand up against his religious beliefs? How does voting to limit benefits to the two first born children in low income households match up, or the removal of The Independent Living Fund which provided support for the most severely disabled?

Or is hypocrisy afoot? We certainly think so.


Jacob Rees-Mogg: Dangerous extremist or political correctness gone mad?

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