This tweet sums up the hypocrisy of the Daily Mail perfectly

The Daily Mail’s hypocritical editorial line has been summed up perfectly in a tweet exposing two vastly different editorial pieces published within two weeks of each other.

The Mail, which backed Theresa May in the run-up to the election along with the majority of other mainstream publishers, ran an editorial before the General Election praising the Conservative party leader for been honest in her manifesto.

It read: “With a clear ethical – even Christian – tone this vicar’s daughter took the riskier option: to be unremittingly honest with the public about the great challenges this country faces, to spell out how she intends to confront them and to promise only what she can deliver.”

However, the Mail has been quick to reverse its support for the PM since the election outcome.

In a piece written just two weeks after they said: “The party went to the country on a deeply flawed manifesto…. committed to such vote-losing policies such as free Commons vote on fox hunting and means testing pensioners’ winter fuel allowance.”

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