Tusk claims chances of Brexit being cancelled are 30 per cent

Donald Tusk, president of the European council, claims that the chances of Brexit being cancelled is up to 30 per cent.

He believes that a new referendum would see a remain majority, overturning the original vote.

Tusk said: “Paradoxically, Brexit awoke in Great Britain a pro-European movement,” to Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza in an interview shared with The Guardian.

He said: “After the British referendum in 2016, I thought that if we recognise that the case is closed, it will be the end. Today the chance that Brexit will not happen is, in my opinion, 20-30 per cent. That’s a lot.

“From month to month, it is becoming increasingly clear that the UK’s exit from the EU will look completely different than the Brexit that was promoted,” he added. “I see no reason to capitulate.”

Tusk continued: “My main task is to make sure that the EU has shown patience despite being felt in many places on the continent these negative emotions.

“I say to colleagues to wait a while longer. The deadline expires in October, but I will persuade them – if necessary – not to close the calendar. There is no place for rush to Brexit. Churchill used to say that a problem postponed is partially solved.”

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