Tube Strike Solidarity

By Nathan Lee, TLE Correspondent 

Social media sentiment graphs have revealed that there has been a shift towards a more positive mentality in the latest London Underground Tube Strike, with the British ‘keep calm and carry on’ sentiment prevailing.

Research by Falcon Social found sentiment on Wednesday evening as disruption first started was mostly negative.

#TubeStrike hashtag; sentiment of social media posts over the past 24 hours


However, that took a complete shift this morning when a lot of humour and good natured reactions featured amongst the top Twitter mentions.

#TubeStrike hashtag; rise in positive sentiment this morning

Not only have Tweets been charismatic, there has also been a notable pick-up in solidarity. We picked out a few of the best:

Positive tweet 4 Positive tweet 3 positive tweet 2 positive tweet 1

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