Tube passenger suffers horrific burns after jumping on to track to escape knife thug

A tube passenger suffered serious burns to his hands after jumping onto the tracks ‘fearing for his life’ as he tried to escape a knife-wielding thug.

Police say the victim remains in hospital receiving ‘specialist treatment’ for his hands that were burned on the electrified tracks at Blackfriars station in south London.

Officers say he made the decision to leap onto the tracks after he and another man got into a ‘violent fight’ with the knifeman.

They say he ran along the platform with his friend when the attacker, who was black with an afro and scruffy beard and about 5ft 8ins, produced a knife and chased them both.

A British Transport Police (BTP) spokesman said: “Fearing for his life, one of the men then runs onto the tracks at Blackfriars, where he comes into contact with the electrical power line.

“This causes him to sustain serious electrical burns to his hands. He remains in hospital receiving specialist treatment.”

Despite the dramatic incident taking place at 3am, police said that someone must of saw it unfolding as CCTV pictures show a number of other people were on the platform at the time.

Thy said the suspect was of a medium build and wearing wearing black jogging bottoms and a top.

The BTP spokesman added: “Anyone who was at Blackfriars station during the early hours of June 2 and witnessed this altercation is urged to get in touch with police.”


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