Peter Stringfellow

Tributes and photos of nightclub legend Peter Stringfellow

‘King of clubs’ Peter Stringfellow famous for opening the “gentlemen’s club” Stringfellows in London’s west end, as well as the Hippodrome in Leicester Square, has died from cancer, aged 77.

The legendary nightclub owner had kept his battle with the disease private.

A life-long Conservative Party supporter, he ditched the party over Brexit, saying the price of the Tories’ Brexit strategy was too high.

“I can’t live with the fact that I’m supporting a party that is totally against what I think is good for our country,” said the Tory donor.

But he is most famous for entertaining the world’s celebrities in his club.

“My favourite guest was Stephen Hawking,” he once said. “I was so excited when he came in and I wanted to talk to him about the universe. But when I asked him what he wanted he just said, ‘Girls’.”

The Sheffield-born showman leaves behind his wife Bella and four children.

Many of the stars Peter Stringfellow had entertained over the years paid tribute to the flamboyant club owner today:



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