Sir Christopher Chope

Tory MP wants teenagers at risk of knife crime to learn self-defence

A controversial Tory MP has spoken out regarding violent crime and how teenagers at risk could deal with potentially life threatening situations. 

Conservative MP Christopher Chope told a committee about the teenagers at risk of knife attacks could learn martial arts, so they can deal with situations where they are confronted with a potential knife attacker.

In a question to the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, he said: “One of the ways people can be prepared is by doing judo, taekwondo and being physically capable of being able to deal with a situation in which you are threatened with a knife.

“Do you think there is something to be said in encouraging young people to do these activities? So that they don’t have to take a knife out and they can protect themselves in a situation should it arise.”

Chief Constable Thompson said the best “knife prevention technique” was to run away from harm. Thompson said: “I would not encourage the combat readiness of martial arts in young people, but what we do see in these types of groups that there is some attraction to these sports.” 

Chope has been targeted by campaigners angry that he killed off parliamentary bills on subjects including ‘upskirting’ and female genital mutilation.

Just who has blood on their hands?

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