Tory MP says he wouldn’t vote for his own “shit show” of a government if he wasn’t an MP

A Tory backbencher has said he wouldn’t vote for his own government if he wasn’t an MP in an explosive interview with The House magazine.

Johnny Mercer branded the current administration a “shit show” and said he would not have stood as an MP if the situation was like it is now”.

He argued his party is being “openly ridiculed” and suggested it has nothing to offer voters beyond Brexit.

In a scathing attack of the Prime Minister he labelled Theresa May a technocrat and said the party will never change until it has a leader who has won a seat and “knows what it’s like to go out every weekend and advocate for what you just voted for that week”.

Mercer, an ex-Army officer and MP for Plymouth Moor View, has been critical of the party before, telling the Telegraph in 2017 it was “in danger of losing credibility”.

In his latest interview he said it will be people on the “extremes” who will “kick up a stink”, declaring that he is “not going to let us go down without a serious shit fight”.

He also revealed his ambitions to become defence secretary and “rip apart” the MoD, sayi g “there is no role for people like me” but “that’s fine because nothing lasts forever.”

Mr Mercer is currently appearing in the Channel 4 series Celebrity Hunted, in which eight well-known personalities go “on the run” in pairs and have to evade a team of former police, military and intelligence experts given the job of tracking them down.


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