Tory MP reminded of “stupid woman” tweet

A Conservative MP has been reminded of a “stupid woman” tweet he sent without reprimand after an outburst of criticism was directed towards Jeremy Corbyn for his muttered words in parliament yesterday.

MP for Bournemouth West Conor Burns reacted to a tweet just a few years ago saying “this stupid woman is making things up”.

It was in response to allegations that he has close ties with the UK Independence Party, which he denies.

Burns campaigned for Britain to leave the European Union during the referendum and recently clashed with a Lib Dem MP over a People’s Vote on TV.

He said: “You’re going right into the heart of the problem that we’ve had for the last couple of years that Parliament overwhelmingly gave the decision to the British people in a people’s vote – it was called a referendum – and they made that decision”.

He also argued that there is “no evidence whatsoever” that Leave voters have changed their mind on Brexit.


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