Tory MP ogles semi-naked showgirls in House of Commons

A Tory MP was caught ogling a picture of semi-naked showgirls in the House of Commons this afternoon.

The backbencher was snapped by Anna Soubry in the first parliamentary sitting since last week’s election, which saw the Conservatives lose their Parliamentary majority and Labour surge in the polls.

She tweeted the picture with the caption “Is this the first Parliament where everyone thinks they’re a winner when in fact we’re all losers except the DUP”.

The tweet was likely in reference to the standing ovation Corbyn received on entry, but what she didn’t notice was that her fellow colleague was ogling semi-naked showgirls playing chess backstage at a Latin Quarter nightclub in New York.

The tweet was sent out by History Lovers Club and was unveiled by a keen-eyed tweeter who responded to Buzzfeed’s Jim Waterson’s call out.

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