Tory Britain: Where child poverty soars as the rich get richer

The number of children living in poverty is set to soar to 5.2 million in the next five years as the richest members of our society get richer.

New research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies has predicted an increase of more than a million in the number of children living in poverty, more than reversing all the progress made over the past 20 years.

The shocking numbers come as new OECD figures reveal the gulf between the rich and poor in the UK is growing at an unprecedented level.

Compared to other European and G7 nations the average GDP per person in Britain far outstrips that of the poorest segment, as demonstrated in the graph below:

Meanwhile the IFS expects 37 per cent of children in the UK to be living in relative poverty by 2021-2022.

The thinktank said this was the highest percentage since modern records began in 1961.


Number of children in poverty set to soar to record 5.2 million

This graph says it all about the scale of inequality in Britain

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