Tories hijack Google to cover up Dementia Tax blunder

The Conservatives have hijacked Google to cover up their dementia tax blunder which has sparked outrage amongst the electorate.

Labour has gained 11 points on the Tories in just three weeks after Theresa May unveiled controversial social care plans in her manifesto.

Under her plans there will be a significant shift in the way elderly care is paid for, with many people warning that it could deter older people from seeking care.

That, combined with means testing for winter fuel payments and ending the triple lock on pensions has put significant pressure on the Conservatives.

But they will do all they can to prevent you from finding out.

This weekend new adverts have started appearing on all search terms that relate to  Dementia and the Conservatives new policy on it.

If you Google “dementia tax” the first result is an advert paid for by the Conservatives linking to a defence of the party’s social care plans – a crafty move, but with only a slight percentage of people clicking on ‘paid for’ placements will it be enough?

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  1. Mike Beard

    In the end the question seems to be simple:

    Why do the Tories hate the English because in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as far as I can see the pensioners are being left alone.

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