Tories Debate Brexit in Convention Centre Paid For by EU

The Conservative Party Conference in which Theresa May promised to “look beyond Europe” is being held in a conference hall paid for by the European Union.

As pointed out in an amusing letter submitted to the Financial Times, Birmingham International Convention Centre received £49.7 million of its construction costs from the European Regional Development Fund.

Indeed, the foundation stone was laid by European Commission president Jacques Delors.

Prime Minister May has used the conference to unveil plans to trigger Article 50 by March, saying the UK will be “a fully-independent, sovereign country” that will no longer be in the “jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice”.

She said Brexit “should make us think of Global Britain, a country with the self-confidence and the freedom to look beyond the continent of Europe and to the economic and diplomatic opportunities of the wider world.”

And pay for our own conference centres!

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3 Responses

  1. Bill Sykes

    We did pay for the conference centre. The EU recieves money from our taxes, keeps a chunk and gives a smaller portion back which we’re supposed to be grateful for. When will you people learn? It’s our money, not the EUs.

    1. Noisy

      It’s not all our money, the ERDF is funded by ALL member states. It’s not like our contribution to the EU that month or year went solely into the ERDF so we could draw back on it and build this place, that is the point and the bigger issue here is that it was the EU who initiated and facilitated the build. We get a lot of our contribution back in VALUE not necessarily in cash or straight investment.

  2. loic lacomme

    What he is pointing at is that even if it is originally money sent to the EU the money would have been spent in London instead. Do you really believe this people care about something outside central London?

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