TopShop staff to walk out after Sir Philip Green denies them a living wage

Staff at two TopShop sites are set to stage a walk-out after shamed BHS boss and head of Arcadia group Sir Philip Green denied them a living wage.

Spectrum for Arcadia staff in Leeds and Solihull will walk out on strike for two days on Friday February 24 and Sunday February 26.

The industrial action will throw Arcadia’s deliveries from Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Burton Menswear into chaos.

The knight of the realm recently faced calls from MPs to seize his £100 million luxury yacht to plug a gaping pension’s black hole in his former company BHS.

It followed unanimous vote by MPs to strip Green of his knighthood.

GMB members balloted for strike action after their pay claim for a Real Living Wage – currently set at £8.45 by the Living Wage Foundation – fell on deaf ears.

David Warwick, GMB organiser, said: “Not content with offloading BHS with a £571 million pension black hole, Sir Philip Green now thinks it’s OK to leave his hard-working staff without a wage they can live on.

“Previous strikes at the Solihull site haven’t got the message home – now Leeds have joined in.

“How much more disruption is he happy to inflict on his customers before he does the decent thing and pays his dedicated long-standing staff properly?”

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  1. Lell

    Why has this parasite been allowed to keep his knighthood? Personally I think he should be tarred and feathered and never allowed to run a company again.

    1. Because the British are pathetic cowards. Moan and do nothing about it. This guy stole millions from normal hardworking people and yet the government do nothing and the British people also do nothing. Moan moan moan.

      It’s amazing that the British can follow the crowd and stage protests in the thousands against president Trump which is a matter in another country but the British people can’t do the same thing about issues in their own country. Why not protest in the thousands about the NHS, trains, stagnant wages, crap education system etc. You people really have got your priorities mixed up. To busy trying to be like America. What a joke of a country you are. Hand your heads in shame.

      Why can’t you lot admit that the UK is a tiny insignificant might as well be classed as a third world island with nothing to offer. The past is the past you have no industry and no empire anymore and you are behind all 1st world countries.

      It’s time to move on with the times stop dwelling in the past and invest in some real business don’t continue to be an America wannabe such trying to make a mini silicon valley on a pathetic roundabout near old street tube station, make a real effort for a change not a half arsed one ffs.

  2. George McIntyre

    This disgusting individual is unfortunately just one indication of what business is all about, a system where greed rules and people count for nothing

    1. Janet eaton

      There is one thing you can do stop buying from his stores .yes his staff will lose their jobs I know but he has to be stopped .

  3. Brian Fairlamb

    Just another example of this man,s greed and contempt for ordinary workers, what i want to know is WHY our fat lazy self indulgent politicians are doing NOTHING to stop this mans illegal practices for gods sakes do something POLITICIANS or do the honourable thing and resign we sick to death of your petty excuses.

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