Topless activists stage radical vegan protest at London fashion week

PETA Flash Mob Calls for Everyone to Wear Their Own Skin, Not Animals’

A group of female PETA supporters braved the winter weather and bared their skin for a radical vegan protest at the start of London Fashion Week today. With the slogan “Wear Your Own Skin” painted across their bodies, the activists encouraged passers-by to stand up for animals by leaving fur, leather, shearling, and other animal-derived materials out of their wardrobes.

“Whether it’s the fur of a frightened fox or angora rabbit or the skin of a gentle calf, it’s not fabric and it’s not ours for the taking,” says PETA Director Elisa Allen. “With so many innovative, high-quality vegan fabrics available, there’s simply no excuse for wearing an animal’s skin or hair.”

As exposed by PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear” – on fur farms, minks, foxes, and other animals spend their entire lives confined to tiny, filthy cages before finally being killed by poisoning, gassing, electrocution, or neck-breaking. Cows destined to be slaughtered for leather endure painful mutilations, branding, tail-docking, and dehorning without painkillers. In shearing sheds, sheep are cut, kicked, punched, and sometimes killed by impatient workers.

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