Top North East candidate for Brexit Party lives in…. France

Voters in the North East came in for a shock yesterday after discovering the Brexit party’s main candidate lists his primary residence in France.

The list of registered parties showed that, although most parties were fielding candidates who resided in the region, the party campaigning to leave the EU was the only one to put forward a candidate living in Europe.

Brian Monteith is running to be North East MEP for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

According to the Evening Chronicle he was born in Edinburgh and lives between London and France, frequently working overseas.

But he says he’s “visited the region many times over the years and feels Scots and people from the North East have a lot in common.”

Last year he wrote a piece in The Scotsman discussing the benefits of friction-free trading.

Frances Weetman tweeted her surprise upon learning that Monteith is living on the continent despite campaigning for Britain to leave the bloc.

Her tweet has since garnered thousands of likes.

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  1. Shaun Lewis-Green

    Why would it surprise anybody that a campaign, built upon foreign money, should fund a “Representative” based in another Country, to lead a bunch of ‘fuck-wits’ into a decision that would seriously disadvantage their children & grand-children for generations to come, just for their own advantage? … … … … … Doh!

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