Tommy Robinson could be elected as MEP for North West, Twitter reacts

Faith leaders and politicians from across Manchester and beyond have united to condemn the anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson, who has announced plans to stand as an MEP in the European elections.

The pressure group HOPE not hate is calling on everyone to make sure they register to vote by the deadline of 7th May, and ensure they, their friends and community turn out on polling day. The organisation is also launching a new fact-check site,, tonight.

Nick Lowles, chief executive of HOPE not hate, said: “Stephen Lennon is a far-right thug who uses his platform to bully, abuse and stir up division, monetising his hatred to rake in donations from his fans. He has a long record of abuse towards minorities such as Muslims and wherever he goes trouble has followed.

“Standing in this election is just another way for Lennon to line his pockets, at the expense of democracy and voters.”

Twitter users had a lot to say on his decision to run in the elections.


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