“Today’s White Paper borders on a fairy tale,” says Union Chief

The government has just published its White Paper setting out its Brexit plans. The document sets out the government’s 12 principles including migration control and “taking control of our own laws”.

Brexit Secretary David Davis said the UK’s “best days are still to come”, outside the EU. However one union has reacted angrily to the news, Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said: “Today’s white papers borders on a fairy tale.

“The lack of detail is so glaring that another white paper has already been promised to try and paper over the cracks.

“We’re still waiting for the government to tell us what assessment they’ve made of the impact on jobs and wages of leaving the single market and customs union.

“Either they have no idea what they are doing and are playing fast and loose with people’s livelihoods – or the truth is too awful to share with the public.”

Formal negotiations can begin once the UK has given notice of Brexit under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which Mrs May has promised to do by the end of March. However Mr Roache is also very concerned about how this might impact on public services and workers’ rights

He continued: “There is not a single reference to the NHS in the whole paper which is astounding given the song and dance the Leave campaign made with their £350 million a week promise – now they are trying to erase it from the debate altogether.

“While we welcome talk of protecting workers’ rights, this Government has been consistently hostile to trade unions, we can’t take anything they say at face value.

“If they mean what they say, they’ll put their money where their mouth is and put guarantees into legislation – not just to protect what we have, but to make sure we keep up with other European nations as the world of work changes.

“We cannot allow Brexit to mean a bargain basement for workers’ rights.”

Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, criticised the government for publishing the white paper only after MPs had voted in favour of Brexit and revealing little new in the document.

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