Thousands of UK citizens register as Estonian e-residents

Thousands of Brits have registered as Estonian e-residents to maintain EU links following Brexit.

The program allows individuals from anywhere in the world to set up an Estonian “sister” company and maintain close links with the EU after Brexit, ensuring that they are safeguarded from the fall out and continue to access valuable benefits of EU membership.

UK copywriting company Red Robot is one such company to formally apply for registration of a new Estonian sister company, allowing them to access all of the benefits of the Digital Single Market which is a program the UK intends to exit over the course of the next two years.

It will offer the same services that the UK company Red Robot Media offers now, including technical blogging, business blogging, system documentation, and video production.

Red Robot OÜ also hopes to accept payments in euro from June, direct to its Estonian bank account, which will help it to protect against any further devaluation of the pound.

All of Red Robot Media’s clients will have the open of transferring their business to Red Robot OÜ in Estonia if they wish. This will allow them to enjoy the same service that they currently enjoy, provisioned within the EU legal and data protection framework.

For micro businesses like Red Robot Media, Brexit presents challenges in terms of costs and legal compliance. In particular, it is difficult for a very small business to attract significant EU business in an unclear post-Brexit environment. The Estonian e-residency program allows micro businesses to put contingency plans in place.

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