This teabag metaphor is the smartest thing anyone has ever said on Brexit

Comedian James Acaster has been credited with saying the “smartest thing anyone has ever said on Brexit” after his teabag metaphor went viral on social media.

Appearing on Mock the Week the Kettering funnyman compared Britain’s exit from the single market to taking a teabag out of a cup of peppermint tea rather than leaving it in.

He said although the bag appears to be getting weaker if you leave it in the cup on the whole gets stronger.

Whereas if you take it out the tea becomes weak and the bag goes directly in the bin.

Read the hilarious analogy in full and watch the video below:

“My flatmate was making peppermint tea.

“He said, “would you like the bag leaving in or taken out?”

“It’s very hard because if you leave the bag in over time the cup of tea itself as a whole gets stronger.

“And it might appear like the bag is getting weaker.

“But it’s now part of a stronger cup of tea.

“Whereas if you take the bag out.

“The tea is quite weak and the bag itself goes directly in the bin.


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