This is the Brexit “cheese submarine” analogy that is going viral on social media

A cunning analogy comparing Brexit to a cheese submarine is going viral on social media.

The Twitter thread, created by funnyman Hugo Rifkind, describes how the best way to understand Theresa May’s predicament is to imagine that 52 percent of Britain had voted that the government should build a submarine out of cheese.

Although Theresa May was initially against the idea, because it is a “a completely insane thing to do”, she had to build the sub because “cheese means cheese”.

So she built one, and it’s “shit”, but what can she do? It’s a submarine built out of cheese!

May will face a vote of no confidence in parliament today after she returned from Europe with scant concessions on her exit deal with Europe.

If Theresa May loses the vote, a leadership contest will begin, which Number 10 say will take six weeks.

Read the thread in full below:

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