This is Jeremy Corbyn’s passionate speech delivered on same day as Theresa May’s heartless statement on immigrants

Video footage of a speech given by Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons has been revealed after Theresa May’s heartless statement on immigrants that was made on the same day went viral.

Speaking in parliament in October 2013 the then Home Secretary May said “we can deport first and hear appeals later” in relation to immigration to Britain.

She said: “There are some who seem to think that the right to family life should always take precedence over public interest in immigration control and when deporting foreign criminals.”

The comments have gone viral in the wake of the Windrush fiasco in which many Commonwealth citizens are facing deportation despite living and working in the UK for decade because of a lack of official paperwork.

Jeremy Corbyn was one of just six Labour MPs who had the courage to vote against the 2014 Immigration Act which caused the Windrush Scandal.

Diane Abbot and John McDonnell were among the other politicians opposing the act, which was part of the Conservative’s pledge to reduce net migrations to the tens of thousands – a promise they still haven’t delivered on.

On the same day, Corbyn gave an empowering speech, saying: “Let us start with a sense of humanity. Every case is a human story, its triumphs and tragedies.”

Here’s his alternative view, filmed almost five years ago:

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