Theresa May’s government now so weak it’s being openly mocked by Tory backbenchers in the House of Commons

Unable to count on Conservative Party members, the electorate, her DUP allies, and now even her own MPs, Theresa May’s government is now so weakened that it’s being mocked by Tory backbenchers in the House of Commons.

Philip Davies is the Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Shipley in West Yorkshire.

You may have heard of him from the occasions he used his position to talk out private members’ bills on tackling domestic and sexual violence against women. – With strict time limits, these bills can run out of time before progressing to a vote if a mischievous MP decides to talk and talk until parliamentary time runs out.

Davies is also infamous for his one man campaign against “political correctness”, bombarding the Equality and Human Rights Commission with letters asking questions such as “is it offensive to black up or not, particularly if you are impersonating a black person?”

Also, for suggesting that disabled workers should be able to work for less pay than abled workers’ minimum wage, and for his own private member’s bill against the Sex Discrimination Act.

But today his words were directed against his own party reduced to a minority government after their disastrous election performance.

The House of Commons giggled during the normally sedate justice questions as the Tory backbencher sarcastically sneered: “following the triumph of the Conservative manifesto at the election, can I congratulate the Lord Chancellor on finding another half-baked and unpopular policy to put before the electorate…”


Tories mocked by their own backbenchers.

Tories mocked by their own backbenchers.

Posted by The London Economic on Tuesday, 31 October 2017

By Benjamin Jenkins


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