Theresa May’s Brexit deal in line for crushing defeat of over 190 MPs

A new tool gauging the voting sentiment of UK MPs shows Theresa May’s Brexit deal is in line to be defeated in parliament by a margin of over 190 MPs.

The Prime Minister will take her deal to MPs this week with a meaningful vote expected to happen on 11 December.

But according to the Guardian’s tool she’s currently in line for a crushing defeat.

Some 416 MPs are expected to vote against the deal as things stand compared to 223 who will vote for it.

Almost 100 Conservative politicians look likely to vote against the PM, with just 218 lending her their support by voting for it.

Those on the government payroll, including cabinet ministers, must support the bill or resign.

Those who have already resigned from government on this issue can be expected to vote against, as can those who have already submitted a letter of no confidence in the prime minister.

Those of all parties who are campaigning for a “people’s vote” are also expected to vote against.

May is expected to resign if the deal is defeated by over 100 MPs, as that will leave her in an untenable position.

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