Theresa May went on a Radio 5 phone in…it didn’t go well

The PM took to the airwaves to talk to normal humans and, as you can imagine, it was quite cringe worthy.

BBC Radio 5Live listeners gave May a real grilling and she came away burnt.

Theresa May refused to confirm whether she would resign, after being asked three times, if her Brexit deal is rejected by MPs. She continued to insist her plan was “the best deal for the UK.”

Host Emma Barnett, and the nation, really wanted to know about staying in her role, but she couldn’t guarantee she will lead Britain out of this crisis.

She said that there would be “more division and uncertainty” if Parliament voted against the agreement next month.

The PM also couldn’t say the this deal would be any better than scrapping Brexit and remaining in the EU.

She admitted to the caller it will be “different,” however that could well mean worse. Chalk and cheese are different, and one is easier to swallow.

May said: “It’s a different sort of environment and a different approach we will be taking to things.”

The caller, Michael, wasn’t too happy with her response and when he was asked if May has answered his question, his sharp response was “no.”

The PM also said that there is no point going back to the EU if this current deal collapses.

She said: “I believe if we were to go back to the European Union and say ‘well people didn’t like that deal, can we have another one?’

“I don’t think they’re going to come to us and say we’ll give you a better deal.”

She confirmed that Brexit of some sort will happen, not matter what the repercussions, when she said: “from my point of view, personally, there is no question of ‘no Brexit’ because the government needs to deliver on what people voted on in the referendum in 2016.”

A lot of us might well go to sleep dreaming of Brexit (or simply can’t sleep at all), but the PM doesn’t, she told the radio show and listeners: “I certainly don’t go to sleep dreaming of Brexit, I can tell you that.”

But what she could not tell listeners however many times she was asked is what Plan B is if she can’t get her deal through parliament…

Growing numbers of MPs saying UK’s only option is to stay in the EU

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