Theresa May to set out the “Road to Brexit” – 10 months in to the exit process

Prime Minister Theresa May is set to outline what Britain wants from Brexit almost a year after article 50 was triggered and some 19 months after the vote to leave the EU.

The Conservatives will outline their vision for Britain over a series of speeches which are set to be kicked off by Foreign minister Boris Johnson next week.

Brussels recently called for clarity over what the UK wanted from the EU, saying a transition deal was not a certainty.

And according to a poll released this weekend 74 per cent of Brits are also unclear about May’s overall Brexit strategy, with political in-fighting resulting in mixed messages being aired on the government’s strategy.

May will host senior ministers at her country residence, Chequers, to try to broker an agreement between the different factions in her cabinet.

She will then make a speech at a conference in Munich the following Saturday which will set out the security relationship Britain wants with the EU.

She will deliver another setting out Britain’s future partnership, although a date for that has yet to be confirmed.

Johnson, a leading Brexit advocate, will begin the ‘Road to Brexit’ series with a speech on Wednesday, described by May’s office as a “rallying cry to those on both sides of the Brexit debate”.

Brexit minister David Davis will outline how Britain’s businesses can maintain their global reputation after Brexit in an as yet unscheduled speech. Trade minister Liam Fox and cabinet minister David Lidington will also give speeches.


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