Theresa May in secret talks over three-way second referendum

Theresa May is in secret discussions over a second Brexit referendum which would give the British public a three-way choice between her deal, no deal and staying in the European Union, according to reports. 

The Prime Minister will resume talks with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn today as the leaders look to break the political impasse which has left parliament in flux over Brexit.

As many as two-thirds of Labour MPs, including several shadow cabinet ministers and frontbenchers, have reportedly said they will refuse to back a deal without a confirmatory referendum.

And according to reports in The Daily Telegraph, Mrs May could be willing to concede.

The Prime Minister is said to have worked on “scenario planning” in the eventuality that the Government is forced to give MPs a vote on whether a so-called “People’s Vote” should be held.

Government sources said a three-way referendum would only be an option if the talks with Jeremy Corbyn and his team broke down, or if the agreement was not met with approval by MPs.

One shadow cabinet minister told The Guardian: “Jeremy cannot be sure he has the numbers – even if he whipped it – so he cannot do a deal without a confirmatory vote.”

The move comes following a disastrous local elections for the Conservatives in which they lost more than 1,300 councillors.

The Liberal Democrats and Greens – both of whom support a second referendum – recorded significant wins in an election which had clear Brexit undertones.

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