Theresa May accused of ignoring THREE warnings that party whips “used information about sexual abuse to demand loyalty from MPs”

As a list of 36 Tory MPs mired in sexual sleaze compiled by Conservative MP’s researchers, secretaries and office staff going viral on social media, Theresa May was challenged in parliament about repeated warnings to her that party whips were using information on sexual abuse by their MPs to blackmail them.

Theresa May was accused of ignoring THREE warnings that political enforcers or “whips” “used information about sexual abuse to demand loyalty from MPs”

“Three years ago I brought evidence to her in this house that whips had used information about sexual abuse to demand loyalty from MPs,” Labour MP Lisa Nandy told the Prime Minister.

“I warned her at the time that unless real action was taken we risked repeating those injustices again  today.

“On three occasions I asked her to act and on three occasions she did not. So can I ask her in this of all weeks, for the fourth time will she finally take concrete action to tackle this.”

Theresa May appeared shaken and said she would look back at the questions that the Wigan MP had raised with her as Home Secretary. She insisted “it is not appropriate” for Whips’ offices to deal with criminal sexual abuse allegations which “they should go to the police.”

As Nandy shook her head, the Prime Minister seemed flustered as she vowed again to look at the times the Labour MP had raised this issue with her and continued: “But I am very clear that we will take action against those where there are allegations which we see and there is evidence there that there has been misconduct.”

"PM knew Whips used info about sex abuse to demand loyalty"

#PMQs "I'd like to thank the PM for her opening words about the horrific revelations this week. But can I say to her that three years ago I brought evidence to her in this House that Whips had used information about sexual abuse to demand loyalty from MPs.I warned her on three occasions." – Lisa Nandy#TheresaMay #SleaseScandal #PrimeMinistersQuestions

Posted by Nye Bevan News on Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Labour are calling for an independent body for Westminster workers to be able to report sexual misconduct to.

And as stories emerged of a Conservative MP being known in Westminster circles to allegedly take photos of young men in compromising positions to demand sexual favours, Downing Street has denied that Theresa May receives regular updates from her party whips about her MPs’ sexual indiscretions.

Katie Perrior, the PM’s former head of communications, appeared on BBC One’s Breakfast, insisting details were “kept away from the prime minister” but “information is held by the whips, because they use it to make sure that MPs know that other people within the party know exactly what they’ve been up to, and that behaviour either is not acceptable, or it will be used against them – you will vote in a certain way or we will tell your wife exactly what you’ve been up to.”


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  1. Joe

    Yea right, talk to the Police, like all those girls did to South Yorkshire Police in Rotherham amd ignored about their sexual abuse.

  2. Ros Curwood

    As a volunteer to a charity I hear stories from people who have suffered terrible, life-threatening assaults from sexual predators. Girls taken into enslavement and kept prisoner, young children taken by their parents to parties where their bodies are traded to participate in acts that their development and physique are unable to sustain, and many people who in later life are unable to function because of the abuse of ghastly monsters whose sexual fantasies are brutal and difficult to satiate. We have a National…National, mark you, Association for People Abused as Children to offer support to victims, and people using their service wait a long time for a response as the line is so busy. Those who recommend reporting to the police would not credit the number of times sufferers refuse to do so as they trust no-one. Theresa May and Amber Rudd may be complicit in keeping private the parliamentary wing of the sexual predatory underground, but it flourishes everywhere and is silenced everywhere because some of those who enjoy power enjoy it in many forms unacceptable to the rest of us. I very much hope that Lisa Nandy will continue and extend her probe into this world. She will need a strong stomach and an armour-plated defence-mechanisms if she so does.

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