This is why there’s been so little media coverage of the Paradise Papers

The British mainstream media is refusing to cover the Paradise Papers because most of the avoiders own the newspapers, James O’Brien has claimed.

Speaking on LBC today O’Brien launched a scathing attack on Telegraph owners David and Frederick Barclay, Daily Mail owner Jonathan Harmsworth and The Sun and The Times owner Rupert Murdoch for gagging the damning financial data leak.

The Paradise Papers investigation showed how the powerful and ultra-wealthy secretly invest vast amounts of cash in offshore tax havens, but it has been largely swept under the carpet by the mainstream media.

The Telegraph today accused Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of hypocrisy for calling on the queen to apologise for her estate’s investment in off-shore funds, ignoring the scandal of millions of pounds being hid oversees away from the tax man.

Barclay brothers David and Frederick, who are estimated to be worth over £7 billion, own their own Channel Island and have frequently been accused of tax avoidance.

Harmsworth’s Daily Mail also saved its coverage of one of the biggest financial leaks this century to the tenth page where it also took aim at Corbyn for speaking out about the Queen’s tax affairs.

In 2013, Private Eye reported that Viscount Rothermere falsely claims non-dom status, in order to avoid paying tax on his stately home, Ferne House. This move saves him several millions of pounds in tax annually.

Listen to James O’Brien’s simple explanation for the lack of coverage of tax avoidance allegations below:


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6 Responses

  1. dave

    “The British mainstream media is refusing to cover the Paradise Papers because most of the avoiders own the newspapers, James O’Brien has claimed.”

    should be: ‘most of the uk newspapers are owned by avoiders’

    ‘most of the avoiders’ have nothing to do with newspapers, in the uk or anywhere else.

    1. Philip Larmett

      Thanks, Dave, for the correction. Nit-picking, but you are correct. But we knew what O’Brien meant.
      If you want to find coverage of the Paradise Papers, go to the Guardian, or check out Süddeutsche Zeitung direct. German DW is also covering on TV and online.
      Not sure we should worry too much about the Duchy of Lancaster investing in the Caymans or Bermuda, or businesses registered there. They are both British dominions.
      Interesting times we live in, indeed.

  2. mak golding

    Its not ‘paradise’ papers. It’s the PANAMA PAPERS. This crazy switching of words was started by the BBC, the crooked media company.

  3. Anonymous

    I would like to see a search of Euro MEP politicians and their spouses, parents and children to see what interests they may have.

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